• Klipschorn AK6 Floorstanding Speaker (Satin Black)

    Audio pioneer and company founder Paul W. Klipsch launched the Klipschorn loudspeaker in 1946 to enable people, for the first time ever, to experience the power, detail and emotion of a live performance at home. Commonly called a corner-horn speaker, the remarkably uncommon Klipschorn includes a highly efficient horn loaded tweeter and midrange compression driver. Its patented folded-horn 15″ woofer delivers powerful low frequencies.

    The Klipschorn is the only loudspeaker in the world to be in continuous production for over 70 years, a testament to its quality and the genius of its designer, Paul Klipsch.

    Considered a watershed industry event, the introduction of the Klipschorn set the standard for high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, low distortion, and flat frequency response.

    When you buy the Klipschorn, you aren’t buying just a speaker – you will be buying a piece of living audio history.

    The new Klipschorn AK6 has been monumentally upgraded from previous versions. An all new Neodymium tweeter, alongwith a fully-enclosed low frequency horn design among other upgrades make this Klipschorn the best yet! Best of all, the fully-enclosed back provides unlimited placement flexibility – you no longer need to place the Klipschorn in a corner.


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