Formovie X5 – 2450 Lumens 4K Laser Projector Portable All-In-One Projector

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Optical Resolution
Projection Technology
Keystone Correction
Auto Correction
CVIA Lumens
Remote Control
Bluetooth Compatible
Projection Size
Light Source
8.54 x 8.27 x 6.57"
Built-in Speaker
Yes (Denon)
Screen Scale
Projector Weight
8.77 lbs
Bulb Life
Over 20,000 hours
Minimum Input Delay
9 ms

Eight Audio Onyx ON17 – 2-Way On-Wall Speaker

Introducing the Formovie X5 4K Laser Projector

Featuring a sleek design and an incredible 1.07 billion color gamut, this projector is destined to be your home theater’s centerpiece. Delivering 2,450 CVIA lumens for a brighter image than a TV, and all of the features needed for the complete cinema experience.

Powered by FengOS

This unit is loaded with Feng OS; a Chinese language operating system. While you can change the language to English in the system menu for all input, image, audio and other options, the smart TV interface will be Chinese language. suggest using an external video source or streaming device for the best experience for customers in the USA.

Beautiful Hardware Design

When it comes to the X5, it’s not just the movies that look great. With a striking design by Denmark’s Kvadrat, the X5 sports an elegant, beautiful look that will complement any home theater setup.

A Truly Cinema-Like Projection Size

The X5’s projection can be sized from 60″ up to a massive 1,000″ image, providing immersion that will keep you entertained and in the action.

Colors Come to Life on the X5

The X5’s ALPD laser display provides a breathtaking range of colors and crystal-clear image quality. By contrast, projectors using three-color laser displays lack clarity and vibrant colors. Say goodbye to speckles and technical flaws with the X5.

Clear image up to an incredible 1,000″

Don’t let the hardware’s small footprint fool you: The X5 is capable of delivering a crisp, clear image up to a massive 1,000″. No matter how big your home theater is, trust the X5 to engulf your display surface with brilliant, encompassing projection.

Powerful adjustment tools provide a perfect viewing setup with minimal hassle:

Omnidirectional Auto-Correction

This innovative technology ensures that the projected image is always perfectly aligned, regardless of the projector’s position in the room. With omnidirectional auto-correction, the projector can automatically detect and correct any distortion caused by an uneven surface or a non-perpendicular angle, ensuring a smooth, seamless viewing experience.

Ambient Light Adaptive

Whether you’re watching a movie in a dark room or giving a presentation in a well-lit conference room, the Formovie X5 can adapt to any lighting conditions to ensure optimal image quality. The projector uses advanced sensors to detect the level of ambient light and adjust color settings accordingly, delivering a clear and vibrant image that is easy on the eyes.

Laser Autofocus

Forget about the hassle of manual focus adjustment and enjoy a hassle-free, crystal-clear image every time. The projector uses a high-precision laser sensor to detect the distance between the projector and the screen and automatically adjusts the focus accordingly.

Automatic Curtain Alignment

The Formovie X5 can detect the position of any curtains or blinds in the room and automatically adjust the image to compensate for any obstruction, ensuring that you always have a clear and unobstructed view of the projected image. This means that you don’t have to spend time manually adjusting the image, ensuring that the setup process is quick and hassle-free.

Unmatched built-in audio quality with Denon speakers

You’ve never seen (or heard) a projector with speakers like this. Boasting an innovative array of two large 12W speakers and a full-range audio 6W speaker by Denon, the X5 delivers powerful, crisp audio through its 540cc acoustic chamber. DTS-HD Master Audio and FAA Sound Engine support provides a sound experience that will keep cinephiles happy. Coupled with support for Dolby Atmos, the X5 has all of the audio functionality needed to earn its spot in your home theater.

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Formovie X5 - 2450 Lumens 4K Laser Projector Portable All-In-One Projector